Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Prospecting Always Works

Ekstrom & Associates was founded on the recognition that closing sales starts with buyers who are in the market and ready to buy. If you want to increase your sales, you need to maximize your opportunities with the best qualified prospects. It’s only common sense, but the difficulty comes in finding qualified prospects. At Ekstrom & Associates, we call qualified prospects that are in ready to buy, Wanters. A Wanter is simply that: special prospect that is ready and willing to buy. They want something. They are going to buy that something from someone. Getting in front of qualified prospects with a high degree of willingness to buy is what prospecting is all about.

Think of it this way. For every 100 sales that close, deduct the number you closed and subtract that from 100. The resulting number is the number that your competition got. How many do you want them too get, because every one you don‘t get, they get? At Ekstrom & Associates our motto is simple and straight forward, “Prospecting Always Works.”

Prospecting always works because:

It gets you in front of the right prospects. It provides a steady stream of qualified prospects And, it maximizes the chances of connecting with the right prospects at the right times.

It is important to distinguish prospecting from sales. They are two separate and distinct activities. In prospecting you are searching for different kinds of information, the more accurate the information you gather, the richer your resulting sales stream will be. Sales is about closing deals. Therefore, prospecting is the dynamic process of streamlining your efforts to find those Wanters who are actually ready and willing to buy exactly what you have to offer. It’s a series of related activities that result in both sales leads and valuable marketing information. This marketing information can then be used to generate additional sales opportunities for your sales staff and profit for you business.

Prospecting isn’t like mans nylon stocking where one size fits all. If you want prospecting to work for your company, you must design a system that unique to your company’s circumstances, a system that is efficient and effective, and a way to ensure it stays that way.

Regardless of the economy or world events, a reasonable percentage of qualified prospects, or Wanters, are always in the market. And once you have a client you can cross sell to him. Done right prospecting is the gift that just keeps giving.

There is no mystery to prospecting; when done correctly it always works.

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