Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting Everyone Involved in Marketing

We’ve talked before about making sure everyone in your company has a clear idea of your mission, purpose and target markets. Why is this so important? Because marketing is a whole company effort. It doesn’t just become the job of your marketing specialist or your sales people. Every employee who has contact with your customers and prospects portrays a marketing image to those they encounter. That includes any contract help you employ, such as a lead generating company.

Everyone who comes in contact with the customer has an influence on whether or not they will buy and what your business relationship with them will be. It doesn’t matter if it’s the guy who waters the plants or the girl who sends out the sales invoices. If your prospect comes in contact with them they are selling some aspect of your company.

Every employee needs to be inspired and motivated to present their best side and help others see what excites them about their company. Who has the greatest of these responsibilities? You as the company owner. You are the foundation on which each of your employees will build. If you want happy employees and customers it has to come first from you.

Remember what we said about brand loyalty: basically, it doesn’t exist. There can be substantial loyalty to a provider or vendor, but there typically isn’t blind loyalty to the brand as a whole. This is what you need to focus on. A customer’s loyalty is generally focused on the company, not the brand of the product. Even if it is there, loyalty to a brand will not stop you from taking business away from the competition.

Go back to those basic definitions of what you want and what your company does. Find the things that excite you most and share them with the employees around you. Once you, and everyone you work with, have a firm understanding of the company goals and mission, as well as the message you want to present to your ideal customers, they can learn to walk the marketing walk and talk the marketing talk. Part of that is definitely presenting a positive face and sincere interest in helping the customer.

So, what are you and the rest of your employees marketing with your first impressions?
It should be:
Honesty, and
An honest desire to provide high quality service.

Though they might seem small, these are crucial aspects of prospecting. When Ekstrom and Associates calls leads on your behalf, we represent your company and your company’s vision. We take your marketing vision and your focus then find the ideal customers who can share that vision with you. Lead Generating is a best-foot-forward effort. What great first impression can we make for you?

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